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(sessions are 20 min)
Micro-circulation is essential for cardiac function, organ health, physical fitness, endurance, mental acuity, stress reduction, and relaxation. Proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and disposal of waste products equals a healthy body.
Do you dream of a restful night and an energized day? Do you wish to have endurance, sharp focus and reduced stress?


By stimulating your circulatory system, BEMER brings endurance, strength and energy to your body. BEMER has become a preventative plan and a supplement to other treatments for many around the globe!
Oxygenated red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients through the arteries and capillaries to all the organs of the body. As the blood provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells, the cells in turn transfer carbon dioxide and waste products to the red blood cells, which are then processed through the veins.
 The importance of the tiniest blood vessels, the micro-capillaries, is vastly underestimated. If blood cannot flow easily into these tiny vessels, then there will be a deficiency of oxygen and nutrients to cells, which will have cumulative negative effects on all tissues and organ systems in the body. Some of our most common chronic degenerative diseases and/or problems are associated with impaired micro-capillary circulation. These include some aspects of cardiovascular disease, the epidemic of metabolic disorders related to elevated blood sugar, cognitive decline, and poor wound healing. BEMER excels at increasing micro-capillary circulation.
BEMER Enhances
general blood flow, the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply, waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness and endurance, strength and energy, mental acuity/concentration, stress reduction, and relaxation/sleep management.