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Wellness Pro Pain Relief

(sessions are about 45 min)

Reduces pain, accelerates recovery, improves function, reduces inflammation.

What is a WellnessPro®  PLUS device?
The WellnessPro® is an electrical stimulation device indicated for the relief of chronic, intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment of post-surgical or post-traumatic acute pain. The unit is compact, lightweight, and very user friendly. The WellnessPro® is FDA cleared and CE0459 marked as a Class II medical device. It has been laboratory tested against ISO and IEC standards to ensure protection, accuracy and precision. It is digitally controlled with a unique “Deep Pulse IONTM” technology. Designed by world renowned scientists, the WellnessPro® has been created for the precise treatment to minimize the pain associated with various conditions.

Instructional Video
This video demonstrates how to operate the device and illustrates its variable use.
The unit has the most flexibility of use and largest frequency range in its class on the market today.