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Herb - Common Uses

Aloe Vera –  Maintaining beauty, counteracting wrinkles, female hormone regulation

Artichoke –  Liver and gallbladder problems, lower cholesterol, rheumatic conditions, in small doses before meals for digestive weakness, obesity

Astragalus –  Increases energy and builds resistance to weakness and disease, specific for all wasting and exhausting diseases

Bilberry –  Strengthening vision, macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, adult-onset diabetes

Black Cohosh –  Nervousness, spasms, neuralgia, menstrual pains, just before or during labor, asthma, and coughs

Blue Cohosh –  Menstrual irregularities, genital-urinary disorders, worms

Boneset –  Fevers, colds and flu, tightness of the liver and abdomen

Buckthorn –  Constipation

Bugleweed –  Hyperactive thyroid, sedative, bleeding from the lungs, tuberculosis

Bupleurum –  Detoxifying the liver, toning up the leg muscles

Burdock –  Skin diseases, blood purification, urinary problems, blood tonic

Cajuput  –  (Tea Tree)  Fungus infections, bruises and injuries, arthritic aches and pains, itches and bites on the scalp for dandruff

Calendula –  Bruises and injuries, burns, earaches, shingles, eruptive skin diseases

Chamomile –  Nervousness and irritability, digestive disorders, teething and irritable children, menstrual cramps, back pains

Cascara Sagrada –  Constipation, liver congestion

Castor oil plant –  Constipation, externally, for dissolving growths, warts, cysts and various excrescences

Cat’s Claw –  Colitis, Crohn’s disease, influenza, colds, fevers (as an antiviral), AIDs, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular conditions

Chaparral –  Blood purifier, cancer and tumors, antioxidants, arthritis and rheumatic pains, colds and flu, diarrhea, urinary tract infections

Cleavers –  Urinary tract infections, venereal diseases, skin diseases, hepatitis, externally for burns and rashes

Collinsonia –  Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, diarrhea

Comfrey –  Promoting healing, broken bones, lungs, diarrhea, hemorrhage and bleeding, lack of pepsin for protein digestion

Corn Silk –  Urinary infections

Cramp Bark –  Menstrual cramps, PMS, threatened miscarriage, asthma, sedative, nervine

Damiana –  Lowered libido, depression, mucus congestion

Dandelion –  Liver problems, urinary tract infections, skin eruptions, stomach pains, breast cancer, beverage

Devil’s Claw –  Arthritic and rheumatic conditions, sciatica, neuralgia, headaches, high cholesterol, obesity

Dong Quai –  Treatment of almost every female gynecological ailment particularly menstrual cramps, irregularity, delayed flow and weakness during menstrual period, menopause.

Echinacea –  All inflammatory conditions

Elecampane –  Respiratory complaints, chronic coughs, digestive weakness

Epazote –  Gas, worms

Ephedra –  Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, hay fever, allergic rashes

Eyebright –  Conjunctivitis, sinus congestion

Garcinia –  Weight loss

Ginkgo –  Improving blood circulation to the brain, improving peripheral blood circulation, coldness, tinnitus, Alzheimer’s and senility, to improve one’s mood and sociability, Raynaud’s disease, arthritic and rheumatic problems, arteriosclerosis, eye weakness caused by poor circulation, vertigo, anxiety and tension, lung and bronchial congestion

Ginseng –  King of tonics, overcome stress and fatigue, recover from weakness and deficiencies, nourishes the blood and is thus used to treat anemia

Goldenseal –  Dyspepsia and acid indigestion, gastritis, colitis, duodenal ulcers, menorrhagia and as a general tonic for the female reproductive tract, leucorrhea and penile discharge, eczema and skin disorders

Gravel root –  Most urinary tract problems, especially those of a more chronic nature including gravel, stones, hematuria, frequent and nighttime urination. It strengthens the nerves of the urinary organs.

Guarana –  Stimulant

Gymnema Sylvestre –  Blocking sugar cravings, diabetes, obesity

Honeysuckle Flowers –  All acute infections and inflammatory conditions such as skin diseases (poison oak and various other rashes)

Horse Chestnut –  Hemorrhoids, rectal diseases

Iris Moss –  Lung diseases associated with dryness, tuberculosis, sores and ulcers

Lemon Balm –  Fevers, depression and melancholy, nervous tension, helping digestion

Licorice –  Treating adrenal insufficiency, stomach and intestinal ulcers, coughs and bronchial congestion (can be smoked for relief of sore throat and hoarseness)

Lobelia –  Asthma, spasmodic coughs, spasms and tetany, food poisoning (vomit), catalyst for other herbs in formula

Marshmallow Root –  Inflammations, irritations, ulcers and sores, urinary and gallstones

Milk Thistle –  Liver protective and regenerative

Muira Pauma –  Aphrodisiac, impotence, diarrhea

Mullein –  Lung and bronchial congestion, spasmodic coughs, sore, irritated throat, flowers for earaches, lymphatic congestion

Myrrh –  Antiseptic, menstrual congestion, pains, gas, mouthwash with echinacea for infections

Nettles –  (Primary use) Lungs, stomach, urinary tract, prostate, scalp

Olive Leaf –  Lowering blood pressure, treating inflammation, viruses and fevers

Oregon Grape Root –  Liver problems, menstrual irregularities, skin diseases, arthritis, cancer

Papaya –  Promoting digestion (fruit), worms and internal parasites (seeds)

Parsley –  Urinary inflammations

Passionflower –  Insomnia, nervous disorders

Pau d’arco –  Slowing and inhibiting the growth of cancers and tumors, for skin diseases

Plantain –  Urinary tract infections, hepatitis, stings, bites and wounds

Pleurisy Root –  Pleurisy, lung and bronchial congestion, colds and flu

Psyllium –  Dry constipation

Pygeum –  Enlarged prostate (noncancerous), prostatitis, urinary tract infections, impotence

Raspberry Leaf –  Pregnancy and delivery, menstrual irregularities, leucorrhea, fevers

Red Clover –  Cancer and tumors, skin diseases, fevers, colds, coughs

Rehmannia –  Purify and nourish the blood, strengthen the kidneys, and heals the bones and tendons.

Rhubarb –  Constipation, worms, dysentery, diarrhea, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea

Sassafras –  Arthritis and rheumatism, acne and various skin eruptions, colds and flu

Saw Palmetto –  Wasting diseases, underweight conditions, prostate, urinary tract infections, impotence and frigidity

Senna –  Constipation

Shepherd’s Purse –  Bleeding, endometriosis, cystitis

Siberian ginseng –  Low energy, increasing endurance

Skullcap –  Nervousness, insomnia, alcohol and drug withdrawal, epilepsy and chorea

Slippery Elm –  Irritated sore throat, as a nutritive anti-nauseous food, gastrointestinal ulcers, dryness of the respiratory tract, externally to heal ulcers, sores and wounds

St. John’s Wort –  Nerve pains, neuralgia, depression

Stevia –  Non-caloric sweetener, diabetes, flavoring teas and herbal preparations

Uva Ursi –  Cystitis, nephritis

Valerian –  Insomnia, stress and nervousness, menstrual cramps, pain relief

Vervain –  Liver disorders, irregular and painful menses, increased milk, colds, flu and fever

Vitex –  (Primary use) PMS, enhances progesterone cycle, emotional balance before and during menstruation

Walnut –  (Primary use) antifungal, anti-parasitical, anti-dysenteric, skin diseases/parasites

Witch Hazel –  Healing cuts and abrasions, varicose veins, hemorrhoids

Wood betony –  Anxiety-induced headaches, nervousness, various minor aches and pains

Wormwood –  Fevers, liver problems, inflammatory conditions of the GI tract, worms and parasites

Yarrow –  Colds, flu and fevers, painful or suppressed menses, bleeding hemorrhoids

Yellow dock –  Anemia, skin diseases, liver congestion

Yohimbe –  An aphrodisiac, stimulating erection, impotence, frigidity