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*Online appointments can be made 12 hours in advance. For device appointments needed on the same day, please call the store at (409)227-4192 to make an appointment.

Device Services

Get well and feel better by supporting your body through nutrition, homeopathics, and herbal medicines
In Clinical practice for the past 20 years, Bill Yeary is a Biblical naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist.

  * Certified Sclerologist
  * Certified Iridologist
  * Bio-Feedback Practitioner
  * Computer BioSurvey scans
  * Experienced Botanical Practitioner
  * Ordained Minister
  * Bio-balancing, Detox, and pain management devices
  * Carries in office clinical products that work

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Providing the ministry of prayer, Biblical principles, and nutritional support for whole person wellness.

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