Getting Well Naturally A Private Healthcare Membership Association

What is a Naturopathy?

Getting Well Naturally™ is a personal ministry that follows the naturopathic principle that God has designed the body to be self-healing if properly supported.

Biblical Naturopaths are ministers trained in prayer, Biblical principles, and natural medicine such as food-stuffs and herbs. They are not orthodox medical doctors. Biblical Naturopathic Doctors (BND) have completed specialized Biblical courses of study in natural and supernatural healing.

Biblical Naturopaths are also conventionally trained in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, counseling, dietary evaluations, nutrition, herbology, acupressure, homeopathy, iridology, sclerology, detoxification, feedback analysis, face-tongue-fingernail analysis, and oxygen therapy. Biblical naturopaths cooperate with all branches of medical science, referring individuals to a physician or other practitioners as appropriate.

In practice, Biblical Naturopathic Doctors perform or provide prayer, education, Biblical knowledge, lifestyle analysis, laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, muscle or energetic response testing, and other evaluative methods to develop an individualized protocol for health improvement and recovery.

Naturopathy is based upon a belief in the body’s innate God-given natural ability to heal itself when given an appropriate internal and external healing environment. Biblical Naturopaths do not diagnose disease and are not involved in the practice of medicine; neither do they use pharmaceutical drugs, nor do they perform surgery. They have traditionally been referred to as “drugless doctors.”

The Naturopathic Philosophy is based on the following principles:

1.  Do no harm
2.  Recognize the healing power of God and nature
3.  Identify the cause
4.  Involve the total person
5.  Teach rather than treat
6.  Identify the source
7.  Prevent disease

What is Response Testing?
Response Testing is a bio-magnetic testing method that enables a practitioner to assess energy disturbances of body systems and imbalances of the autonomic nervous system. This sophisticated evaluation technique is a combination of the best kinesiological schools (Muscle Response Testing, Contact Reflex Analysis, Nutrition Response Testing, and Meridian Response Testing).

What is Sclerology?
Sclerology is an art and a science. It is the study of the red lines in the whites of the eyes as they reflect stress patterns in the body’s tissues. The sclera reveals ongoing tissue/organ stress levels, predispositions to weakness, and origins of stresses

What is Iridology?
Iridology is an art and a science. It is the study of the markings and colors in the irises of the eyes. The iris reveals ongoing tissue/organ stress levels, body constitution, predispositions to weaknesses, and levels of health.